Graduating from San Diego State University, Brian’s career in the toy industry began when he worked as a clerk at Play Co Toys, a 45 location toy store chain. He quickly worked his way up to Supervisor, Buyer, VP, Executive VP, and ultimately President of the internet division. Brian created their web strategy and helped the company go public with a $38 million raise.

Known in the industry as one of the premier experts in toy sales, Brian became VP of X-Concepts, the creators ofthe huge hit, Tech Deck Fingerboards. He formed their international division, getting products placed in major international markets around the world.

In 2004, Brian became VP of Jasman Toys where he ran the US division of the company. Under his leadership, the company began selling to the largest retailers in the US and worldwide. In 3 short years, sales and profits grew over 500%.

Most recently, Brian was the President of Goldie International, the company that sold Super Mario Bros. products to retailers in North America. Prior to Brian joining Goldie, sales were limited to just one distributor with modest results. In only 2 years, sales quadrupled and products were placed in over 40,000 retail locations in the US.

Brian has the track record, expertise, systems, and people to build hugely successful businesses and sell to the largest retailers in the US and worldwide.