CEO of Tink Digital Inc. Martin started his career in the molecular dynamics research group at Stony Brook University, where he worked on one of the fastest supercomputers in the world developing new algorithms for protein folding applications. Martin moved on to work in the network management division of EMC Smarts where he quickly advanced to the role of Sr. Software Engineer at 23 years old. Martin made key contributions to an advanced software suite focused on network monitoring and fault analysis. Martin decided to jump into the startup world and joined FAST Technologies while pursuing his own video game company, AlgoCrunch Inc. Martin has been a contractor for FAST technologies for over 9 years as a tech lead and software architect, where he has worked with a variety of clients building revolutionary life insurance admin systems. Martin’s own company, AlgoCrunch Inc has published several games on the Apple App store for itself and clients.

Martin spent 10 years creating a groundbreaking game engine which powers the DoodleMatic game and gives Tink Digital Inc a competitive edge. Martin developed the technology and the vision behind DoodleMatic, and has spent the last three years building the application to grow it to the product that people love today.