For over 20 years, Reyne Rice has been regarded as the knowledgeable voice of the toy industry, advising on kids and family and youth trends for toys, games, technology and entertainment. A seasoned toy industry professional with over 30 years’ experience in marketing, researching and analyzing the toy industry an  youth market. She has owned her own consultancy, Toy Trends, since 2003.

Reyne has developed products and solutions for the media, consumers, trade associations, retailers, manufacturers, and licensors, providing key insights and analysis for small, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies. She consults regularly with a wide variety of industry leaders, providing insights and direction on toy industry issues, marketing partnerships/sponsorships, and provides public relations strategies and solutions, and trade show consulting. She is a featured media spokesperson in the USA, Canada and Germany, representing the key driver products that represent each year’s trend stories. She serves as a juror on multiple annual Award programs.

She is frequently consulted and quoted in business and consumer publications, including USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN Money, Financial Times, Fortune, Businessweek, Brandweek, Forbes, TIME and featured on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CBS Marketwatch, NBC Nightly News, CBS Early Show, Fox Business.

Reyne is published in domestic and international trade and consumer outlets, in over 60 countries, a contributing editor for the Adventure Publishing Group, for Spirit of Play publications,,, and published regularly in ITMA (International Toy Trade Magazine Association) publications worldwide.