Ted Curtain is Chief Innovation Officer at ProdigyWorks, a creative ideation and innovation lab that grew out of a partnership with Mensa 13 years ago. ProdigyWorks’ unique approach to breakthrough innovation comes from their exclusive global network of high-IQ thinkers and creative geniuses. From this robust Mensa-based network, ProdigyWorks combines the perfect mix of diverse thinkers to successfully tackle innovation, new product development, brand extension, and product naming for some of the world’s biggest companies and best-loved brands, including Coca-Cola, HP, Nestle, Chili’s, Chase, Pfizer, Kraft, Chik-fil-A, P&G, New Balance, Heineken, and more. You’ll benefit from Ted’s passion for accelerating innovation and moving companies ahead of competitors by tapping into high-level cognitive and cultural diversity. Ted’s ability to address real-world examples of disruptive innovation success across a variety of industries makes him extremely relevant in today’s competitive market.