Bill is a partner in Centertec and Chicken Waffle. Centertec is a preeminent venue for providing unique, exciting VR/AR technologies to families, large groups, and students. Chicken Waffle is leading the way in XR Toys, XR Education, VR/AR Esports and high-quality VR/AR game development in the industry. Chicken Waffle has created several AR/VR toys for major brands under its white label program. Several of their industry partners’ toys have won major awards and accolades for their cutting edge technology in AR/VR. Several of their AR/VR toys have become major STEM products for teachers and families across the world. In May 2019, Chicken Waffle won Best In Show VR at AWE in Santa Clara. At CES in 2020, Chicken Waffle won Best XR Esports Experience. They released a fun VR game and app called Baby Hands VR last year, where the player picks up toys in VR or on an app. Baby Hands VR is being played by all the top YouTube stars and has a total of over 650 million YouTube views, making it well-known by children across the world.